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Photoshop Training Courses

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A Photoshop course at the UK's largest Adobe Authorised Training Centre is the ideal way to begin developing your design skills.

Practical, real-world exercises feature heavily in all our Photoshop courses, so whether you are new to Adobe Photoshop and need courses that help you get to grips with the software or you use it everyday and want an expert to show you how to get the most out of it, we have the perfect Photoshop training course for you.

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   Photoshop Creating Digital Mood Boards
   Photoshop Advanced
   Photoshop for the Web
   Photoshop Intermediate
   Photoshop Introduction
   Photoshop Fast Track
   Photoshop For Fashion And Textile Designers Module 1
   Photoshop For Fashion And Textile Designers Module 2
   Photoshop For Photographers
   Photoshop Lightroom Introduction
   Professional Retouching

We know training inside out. We can advise you on all the options to make sure you get the best possible course.

Tell us you need to cancel 5 working days before your course and there’s no charge. Great for your peace of mind.

Our trainers bring their years of industry experience into the classroom. You'll leave confident and prepared.

The smallest class size in the industry. More one on one time with the trainer and a less intimidating group size.

Tell us which you use and it'll be booted up and waiting with the latest software when you arrive.

We provide a lovely onsite lunch so you can relax. We can cater for any dietary requirement with no fuss.

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We've worked very hard over the last 20 years to grow our business through personal recommendations.

When you attend a course we ask you to tell us how it went. We use your feedback to help us improve our courses.

We publish all our customer satisfaction stats live on our site (good or bad) because we want everyone to know just how highly you rate us every day, every week and every year.

We know that choosing the best course can be difficult, maybe the thoughts of the 13624 other clients we've asked will give you the inspiration to join us too.

The most recent comments from attendees of our courses are shown below. We reckon they will give you a pretty good indication of how they think we perform.

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Attendees surveyed 13624
  Trainer Knowledge 9.8 / 10
  Trainer Materials 9.6 / 10
  Trainer Preparation 9.8 / 10
  Overall Trainer Score 9.7 / 10
  Centre Lunch 9.6 / 10
  Centre Staff 9.9 / 10
  Overall Centre Score 9.7 / 10
  Overall Experience 9.6 / 10
  % Who Would Recommend Us 99.7%

  Most Recent Comments

"Everything. Love training here."

"very organised, useful and extremely comfortable friendly working environment"

"The whole experience was honestly brilliant - couldn't recommend highly enough! The staff were all friendly, welcoming and chatty. The facilities were lovely, as were the refreshments. Simo was friendly and made us all feel totally comfortable. We could ask any questions, or go over anything more than once and he was patient, encouraging and always had the answers. Thanks everyone!"

"Knowledgable teacher, nice learning environment, good lunch"

"Hospitality was excellent, the environment is very welcoming"

"Really knowledgable trainers, Peter knows how to cater to all and happy to explain everything to you in detail about the technical side of how things work - most Photoshop tutorials / courses wouldn't go into this much detail, so this is great. Also learnt a lot about how to use Photoshop for photography, which is particularly useful for an avid photographer like myself."

"Simo was an amazing instructor. He was so helpful and answered all of our questions. It was nice that we had a small group of 3!"

"Friendly, welcoming and helpful Photoshop course was brillent as very helpful and learnt alot more than i thought i would learn, feel confident"

"extremely knowledgeable and fun to learn from"

"The small classes are really great so all the questions are asked. The teacher was extremely knowledgeable."

"Everything was fantastic"

"EVERYTHING! Can't wait to be back at the end of the month. Always so nice being here. "

"Simo was an excellent teacher. I have learnt so much that I will be able to apply and improve my work. "

"Personalising and answering specific questions. Keeping classes small."

"answered individual questions from each person. Really varied course, moved onto different topics at the right speed for me."

"Brilliant day, attentive trainer answering all of our questions. Learnt a lot and definitely want to come back to continue learning! Looking forward to applying everything in my work environment as well as in personal projects."

"Organized, welcoming, and a fun environment to learn in."

"Another brilliant course at Media Training. Matt was super friendly, knowledgable and flexible to meet the group's needs. I'll be back!"

"Food, friendliness and cleanliness :) cool environment!"

"Great practical learning and really well organised and nice environment to work in. Would definitely recommend. "

"We had a good balance of teaching and hands-on experience. Learning by doing was very effective."

"Everything, an incredibly well organised training. The tutor Ian was incredibly knowledgable and taught in a way that was easy to understand. I would highly recommend this training. The facilites and lunch were excellent "

"Good balance of time practising and being taught "

"Simo was brilliant again, very useful to be able to ask him questions as they come up throughout the day"

"Trainer was very good at explaining points and helping us understand every aspect of the course."

"Good instructor, great food, good customer service, clean environment. Definitely come back to do more course"

"Giving practical examples of how to apply the techniques learnt during the sessions. "

"Simo was excellent. He's knowledgeable, patient and very approachable. I had a number of questions that weren't necessarily part of the course, and he happily helped me, showing me plenty of nifty ways to get the results I was looking for. Really pleased."

"Simo has been a great trainer, the course was so well organised and ran smoothly. Everyone was friendly and the ameneties were great. Thanks!"

"Simo was fantastic as always. Extremely helpful and very friendly"

"good length days, nice touch with the note pad. "

"Booking me into course quickly and providing me with all info needed in one place. When I arrived late to first day due to mix-up of dates, staff were all really accommodating. I learnt a lot!"

"Our instructor Simo was fantastic, very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I would recommend the Photoshop course to anyone wanting to learn more about the program."

"Small Groups. Dedicated attention. "

"Really impressed with the structure of the course and the sizes of the classes, allows you to get to grips with what's being taught and a certain level of customisation if there's something specific you'd like to know. Very clear and easy to follow. "