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Adobe Photoshop CC : Introduction

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Two Day Course


Adobe Photoshop is the software of choice for professionals working with digital images. Whether you are using Photoshop for print or the web, this extremely popular course has proved to be the most efficient and effective way of getting started in Adobe Photoshop CC.

The course covers all major Photoshop features including compositing images, graphics and text, making colour corrections to an image, understanding resolution, creating a montage, using Photoshop filters, working with layers and channels and preparing images for use in print and the web.

This is an Adobe authorised training course which provides an ideal introduction to Adobe Photoshop CC.

What are the 5 things you will get out of the course?
• Understanding the toolset, workspace and Photoshop workflow
• Editing and enhancing the existing imagery
• Use layers confidently to combine and collage images
• Using filters and special effects to add creative touches
• How to output artwork for print and the web

You need no previous experience of the software to attend this course.

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Course Outline

  • Day one

    Photoshop Essentials
    • The Photoshop interface
    • Using Photoshop workspaces and panels
    • Image Navigation tools
    • Using the History panel

    The characteristics of a Photoshop file
    • Pixels and paint programs
    • Image resolution, dimensions and file size
    • Colour Channels and Modes

    Setting basic image characteristics
    • Considerations when creating new documents
    • Cropping and rotating artwork
    • Changing image dimensions and resolution

    Working with Tone and Colour
    • Brightness and Contrast adjustments
    • Adjusting the colour balance
    • Hue and Saturation command
    • Selective colour edits

    Working with selections
    • Marquee selections
    • Lasso selections
    • Selecting by the colour difference
    • Modifying and combining selections
    • Saving and loading selections

    Retouching techniques
    • Removing imperfections and unwanted details
    • Working with the Clone Stamp tool
    • The Spot Healing Brush
    • Removing objects using Content-Aware Fill

    Questions and answers
  • Day two

    Working with paint and colour
    • Mixing and sampling colour
    • The Paint Brush tool
    • Using the Brush Settings Panel
    • Adding solid colour fills
    • Adding gradient fills

    Working with layers
    • Building a multi-layered document
    • Cut out techniques
    • Moving, scaling and rotating layers
    • Warp and Distort transforms
    • Content Aware Scale
    • Working with Creative Cloud Libraries
    • Exporting layered documents

    Creative techniques using layers
    • Colour Fill Layers
    • Layer opacity and blending modes
    • Creating layer effects
    • Using layer masks

    Shape and text layers
    • Vector shape layers
    • Adjusting shape layer properties
    • Working with the Text tool
    • Character and paragraph formatting

    • Using filters for special effects
    • Sharpen and Blur filters
    • Liquify filter

    Exporting finished artwork
    • Exporting images for digital applications
    • File formats for print applications

    Questions and answers
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"Simo was a fantastic trainer. He was excellent!"

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"`trainer and lunch were great! "

"Lunch, timings of the day very good."

"Simo was really good at explaining things so we could understand, the food was great and the whole course was so lovely. Thank you !"

"Simo was really knowledgeable and approachable. Super helpful. Got way more out of the course than i expected to. Ready to apply these skills to work tomorrow."

"Simo was very knowledgeable, patient and helpful! The centre provided great refreshments, breaks and food. Thank you for helping me understand the basics of Photoshop. It was a very enjoyable course! "

"Very well balanced course that covered key topics that will allow me to carry out various tasks at work easily. "

"Great trainer, venue and food. Great for people in a media/creative background."

"Media Training has really thought of everything that we as trainees may need/ want over the two day photoshop course... from delicious lunches, notebooks provided for, excellent training, I found it to be really impressive and would recommend to a friend. "

"Really friendly, well paced, lots of useful content. Thank you!"

"Great venue - Simo was clear and ready to answer any questions. "

"Simon was brilliant. Great course materials and examples to follow, good pace to learning. Was able to come away with lots of effective and ready-to-implement advice."

"Simo was an excellent trainer and very knowledgable. Good amount of content for two days. Great to have resources to take away too. Food was amazing and really nice office/training spaces."

"luch, smiles and photoshop = perfect"

"Keep up the good work!"

"The course material was very user friendly and comprehensive. It provided a lot of useful tools and there were a lot of exercises to practice "

"The food for breakfast and lunch, the course content was excellent, as well as the after course support that has been offered. The smaller course sizes also helped the course to feel a lot a lot more personal. "

"Clear instructions and range of skills "

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"Good choice of drinks and snacks"

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"The course was very good. The teacher was very kind, and explained everithing very well. "

"Everything was great! It was an intro level class and I think I'm leaving with a good understanding of photoshop than before. "

"great teaching, clear instructions, well structured"

"I enjoyed all aspects, great two days"

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"Excellent introduction to photoshop. Really friendly, approachable and knowledgeable staff "

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"Great, friendly environment and a very approachable and knowledgeable teacher. "

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