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Graphic Design : Introduction

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One Day Course


The key skills shared by good graphic designers are creativity and an ability to use a graphic to communicate an idea clearly. Good graphic design provides clear visual communication. This one day course will teach you the general principles and methods underpinning graphic design and visual problem-solving.

During the course you will commence working on developing your own strategy to design and learn the skills you need to make the creative process work for you; from briefing to the finished article. You will also learn about the complete design cycle; interpreting a brief, font and image theory and usage, logo design, grid-based design, colour usage and how to communicate your ideas and why you have created something in a certain way.

This course is designed for anyone needing to develop their design understanding whether they are designing for print or the screen; from magazines to social media, presentations to digital interfaces. Our design course shows you the key information you'll need to get started in the world of graphic arts and will make your entry into the world of graphic design enjoyable and enlightening.

This course does not require you to use or have a previous knowledge of Adobe InDesign or Photoshop.

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Course Outline

  • Thinking like a designer
    • How to interpret a brief
    • Understanding the design process
    • How to communicate what you have created and why
    • General graphic design principles and methods
    • Creativity and context - a brief history of what has gone before and why it was successful
    • Improving your visual skills and exploring different ways of seeing
    • Different design considerations for online, presentations and print
    • Print Production ‐ papers, textures and print techniques
    • What to consider before you touch a computer

    Colour theory
    • Choosing colours that work well together
    • Understanding the difference between screen and print colours
    • Why colour is important
    • How to restrict a colour palette

    • Font families and how they work
    • Basics of font makeup (serif/non serif and styles of font)
    • Which fonts pair well together and which fonts to avoid
    • Where and how to buy fonts
    • How many fonts to use in a design
    • Fonts for headlines, fonts for grabbing attention and fonts for communicating information
    • Manipulating fonts and letters and how far to go
    • Optimum text point sizes for different viewing platforms
  • Logos
    • Understanding the difference between logos and logotypes
    • Why some logos are famous or successful and why some are bad
    • Practical considerations when designing a logo
    • Brand guidelines; space around logos, different colourways, what not to do with logos

    Grid systems in graphic design and layout
    • Why are grids important?
    • Examples of grids behind some well-known publications
    • Why some layouts look good and others don't
    • Negative space in design
    • How to achieve balance across a design
    • The importance of creating hierarchy and designing a point of focus
    • Rules of thumb

    Image usage
    • When to use illustration or photography
    • Where to buy images from
    • Rules of proportion and composition
    • A bit about copyright

    Final thoughts
    • Why simple is always best
    • Learn from design rule breakers
    • Why it's good to experiment and create your own style
    • When it's time to walk away, overcoming snow blindness and designers block
    • Originality ‐ when being influenced by something isn't copying
    • Be inspired ‐ websites to look at for visual trends and styles
    • Simplifying the message ‐ what to leave out
    • Things I wish I had known when I started in design

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"Tutor was fantastic, lunch was great and the environment was perfect for concentration yet, relaxed "

"Friendly and relaxed environment. Very good course content and with a good class size. "

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"Comfortable learning environment, knowledgable approachable trainer"

"Great location, nice venue, good food! Trainer and course content was good, answered lots of questions we had. Really good it was a small group, friendly and a good number to work with."

"Excellent knowledge throughout"

"I thoroughly enjoyed my day from start to finish, from what I learned in the classroom to what was served for lunch and during the breaks! I have learned so much that I will be able to implement in my own work as well as in the work I do with my students."

"Great examples and lists of programmes to use. Great location and great trainer!"

"Provided clear, concise examples which were relevant to each topic, and the trainer was very knowledgeable."

"Lovely venue. V friendly trainer and other staff."

"Good knowledge and theory lesson "

"Great set up when you arrive. Trainer very good. Less focus on web but that is probably down to me misunderstanding the course. Still relevant"

"Really good overview of many elements of graphic design. Makes me want to do other courses to learn the skills to put these theories in practice. "

"great environment, good presentation including lots of examples to look and inspiration great trainer"

"Really enjoyable and eye-opening. "

"Knowledgeable and friendly trainer. Flexible, tailored subjects. Small groups. Fab lunch!"

"very welcoming and very happy with the overall experience can't wait to come back! "

"Very clear and thorough, patient course-leader. Thank you so much! I know where to go for more information and I feel I have covered all the basics. As always, the whole day was professional, friendly and calm; like a second work-place. "

"I cannot say that I was disappointed with any aspect"

"Adrian was knowledgeable and friendly, with a good pace on the topics covered. I would be interested in attending other training courses in the future."

"Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful from the second i walked through the door, our trainer was very knowledgeable and i have learnt a lot from this one day course! - hopefully i can now go and apply this to my role. thank you! "

"It was a great day, giving great insight into the world of graphic design! The trainer was fantastic, very knowledgeable with some great tips for websites reference points etc. He really cared about what we wanted based on our individual jobs, and tailored the content to this. It was great. Thank so much."

"Adrian was great, knowledgeable and relaxed. Small class size was perfect. Environment. location and amenities/food were great."

"Everyone was super friendly and welcoming and the format for the day allowed lots of time to get to know the people also on the course. Booking and confirmation was very clear and instructions were great. It's also really useful to have access to the course notes afterwards so you didn't have to take many notes. "

"great lunch, thanks"