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Graphic Design : Introduction

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What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is the process of creating visual content to communicate ideas and messages. Graphic designers use photography, typography and illustrations to develop the layout for different platforms such as brochures, websites and advertisements, across industries that require a more creative approach.

What is a Graphic Design course?

Our Graphic Design introduction course is a one-day masterclass created by experienced Graphic Designers, and will teach you the core Graphic Design principles you need to plan your projects successfully and create impactful content.

Creating content from scratch can be a daunting task, but learning to approach your work like a Graphic Designer will enable you to unleash your creativity and make the creative process work for you. Our one-day course will add skills and techniques to your toolbox, helping you confidently design content that meets the brief of your project and communicates your message clearly.

Who is a Graphic Design course for?

Our course is intended for anyone who wants to understand design fundamentals, whether you are new to designing and want to get started in the graphic arts industry, or self-taught and looking to enhance your existing skill set. This course will show you valuable techniques that you can apply to your work straight away. Graphic Design skills can be applied to a wide range of media, including graphics for print and screen, magazine layouts, social media posts, or presentation decks.

You don’t need any previous design experience or software knowledge to attend. Whilst this course is theory based, don’t worry, like all of our courses there will be plenty of opportunities to put new skills into practice with hands-on exercises. If you do need to learn how to create documents or manipulate images we also offer courses in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign which are widely used in the industry.

What are the 5 key takeaways from our Graphic Design course?

• Learn to think like a designer and improve your visual skills
• Learn to combine colours for appealing graphics
• Design successful logos by using brand guidelines
• Use appropriate imagery based on your content
• Understand the importance of creating a simple and personalised style

This course does not require you to use or have a previous knowledge of Adobe InDesign or Photoshop.

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Course Outline

  • Design Brief
    • Understanding the design process
    • How to communicate what you have created
    • Creativity and context - What you actually need to know to push great work out into the world
    • Improving your visual skills and exploring different ways of seeing

    • What it means to have a well composed piece of work
    • Design Principles:
    • Form & Space
    • Figure & Ground
    • Gestalt Psychology
    • Symmetry/Asymmetry
    • Layout Principles

    • Brand Guidelines
    • Understanding the difference between logos and logotypes
    • How to use brand guidelines to create inspiring work

    • When to use illustration or photography
    • Visual Storytelling
    • Where to buy images from
    • A bit about copyright
  • Typography
    • Font families and how they work
    • Basics of font makeup (serif/non serif and styles of font)
    • Which fonts pair well together and which fonts to avoid
    • Where and how to buy fonts
    • Crucial tips on how to use typography in your work
    • Optimum text point sizes for different viewing platforms

    Colour Theory
    • Choosing colours that work well together
    • Understanding the difference between screen and print colours
    • Why colour is important
    • How to restrict a colour palette

    Resources & Further Learning
    • Useful websites
    • Podcasts
    • Further Reading

    Questions and answers
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"great organisation and a very knowledgable tutor. theory of graphic design was very interesting and I feel that my skills had a good refresher which will help me approach graphic design projects betetr."

"I was extremely happy that the course did not focus on a specific software package. Every staff member was really helpful and the breaks were regular and really well stocked which was great. It was also very easy to follow the directions and find the location."

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"I loved all the content of the course and have built on my knowledge"

"Clear and organised presentation. Trainer was very approachable and the breaks were well timed and provided great refreshments. "

"Lots of examples and industry advice plus signposting to free tools - thank you"

"Good facilities, friendly staff, I like the table set up so I could chat to people on my course. The presentation and computers are also great. The trainer's website suggestions are amazing!"

"Flexible, good amounts of learning, listening and discussion, breaks at appropriate times. Inspired to get stuck in designing now and confident in working with designers. Facilities here were great too."

"Lovely trainer and staff, great food, lovely building"

"Explaining the concepts in detail and stripping back to a layman's language in order to be able to carry out projects at work."

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