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Adobe Illustrator CC : Introduction

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Two Day Course

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This is a comprehensive Adobe authorised Illustrator training course. The course has been designed to enable anyone new to Illustrator to produce professional graphics, designs and illustrations. The course covers Illustrator's sophisticated drawing and text controls, creating complex shapes, using adjustable strokes and understanding colour to allow you to create beautiful, professional artwork and designs.

Throughout the two days, the emphasis is on practical, hands‐on learning including a series of exercises designed to consolidate new skills and build confidence.

These are the 5 things you will get out of this course:

• Understand the basics of Illustrator and create documents from scratch
• Learn the use of colours, shapes, layers and artwork components
• Understand the drawing tools
• Use type tools to deliver creative messages and outlines
• Learn to organize, save and export files

You need no previous experience to attend this course.

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Course Outline

  • Day One

    Essential Illustrator Concepts
    • Overview of Programme
    • What are Vector Graphics?

    Creating a Document
    • Colour Space RGB & CMYK
    • Resolution
    • Pasteboard
    • Multiple Artboards
    • Tabbed open documents

    The Illustrator Interface
    • The Tool Bar (including shortcuts)
    • Using the Control Panel
    • Intro to Panels
    • View Options
    • Basic Shortcuts
    • Basic Navigation
    • Preview/Outline Options
    • Preferences

    • Rulers
    • Creating Guides
    • Hiding/Showing Guides
    • Locking/Unlocking Guides
    • Making/Releasing Guides
    • Smart Guides
    • Grids
    • Snap-to Features

    Panel and Workspaces
    • In-Depth Functions
    • Customising
    • Saving a Workspace
    • The Options Button

    Creating Objects
    • Exploring Object Options
    • Shortcuts
    • The Bounding Box
    • Altering Objects

    Lines, Arcs, Spirals & Grids
    • Exploring Object Options
    • Shortcuts

    Moving, Duplicating & Groups
    • Moving & Copying
    • Transform Again
    • Multiple Copies
    • Duplicating Shortcuts
    • Group/Ungrouping

    Object Hierarchy
    • Send to Back/Send to Front
    • Send Backward/Send Forward
    • Shortcuts
    • Intro to Layers and Sub Layers

    • The Reference Point
    • Scaling
    • Rotating
    • Shearing
    • Reflecting
    • Shortcuts
    • Free Transform Tool (Perspective)
    • Transform Each

    Selection Tools
    • Exploring the difference
    • Methods of Selection
    • The Bounding Box
    • Editing Objects with the Direct
    • Selection Tool
    • Selecting Objects within Groups
    • Undo/Redo
    • Multiple Undo/Redo

    Open Paths
    • Joining Points
    • Averaging Points

    Working with Colour
    • Fill & Stroke Tool overview
    • Shortcuts
    • Colour Panel (for Custom Colour)
    • Swatches Panel (for Saved Colour)
    • Creating and Saving Colours
    • Editing Colours
    • Global Colours
    • Pantone and Spot Colours
    • Creating Swatch Groups
    • Using Libraries
    • Adobe Swatch Exchange

    • The Gradient Panel
    • Introducing Gradients
    • Editing Gradients
    • The Gradient Tool
    • Working with Gradient Libraries
    • New Gradient Features
  • Day Two

    • Introducing Patterns
    • Working with Patterns Libraries

    Strokes and Paths
    • The Strokes Panel
    • Corners and Caps
    • Alignment
    • Custom Dash Options
    • Outlining Paths
    • Offsetting Paths
    • Using & Creating Profiles
    • Using Borders (through Brushes)
    • Profiles

    Basic Text Editing
    • Creating Point Text
    • Creating Area Text
    • Text Formatting
    • Area Type Options
    • Creating Text Threads
    • Using the Glyphs panel
    • Checking spelling
    • Using the Change Case function
    • Convert Text to Outlines
    • Style Sheets
    • Text on a Path

    Working with Images
    • Placing images
    • Image Masks
    • Making/Releasing Masks
    • Using the Links panel
    • Rasterizing artwork

    Working with Layers
    • Overview, Purpose and Function
    • Looking at Layered Files
    • Working with layers
    • Layers and object hierarchy
    • Sub Layers
    • The Layers Panel Explained
    • Creating Layers
    • Duplicating Layers
    • Layer Groups
    • Layer Shortcuts

    The Pen Tool
    • Drawing Paths with the Pen Tool
    • Mastering the Pen Tool
    • Editing Paths
    • Editing Anchor Points
    • Direct Selection Tool Shortcuts
    • Shortcuts for Related Tools
    • Pencil & Eraser Tools

    The Align Panel
    • Aligning objects
    • Distributing objects

    • Combining Objects etc
    • Shape Modes
    • Pathfinder Modes
    • Using Align & Pathfinder Together

    Transparency & Blends
    • The Transparency Panel
    • Blend Options

    Compound Paths
    • Making Compound Paths
    • Releasing Compound
    • Paths Do’s and Dont’s of Compound Paths

    The Corner Widget
    • Overview
    • Custom Settings

    Saving and Printing
    • Saving in Illustrator
    • File types
    • Printing in Illustrator
    • Exporting in Illustrator
    • PDF options
    • Setting up page tiling
    • Using the Crop Area tool

    Questions and answers
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"The trainer covered all topics and was willing to answer all my questions accurately. "

"Kate was an awesome instructor, very knowledgeable and friendly. We whizzed through the course material, so she very generously came up with new exercises to challenge and build on my new skills. HATED Illustrator before and now I'm hooked! Thank you so much! "

"hiring knowledgeable and helpful trainers"

"The pace of the training was great - not too fast, not too slow. And Ian always paused to help out if somebody was stuck, which meant that no one got left behind."

"lunch, pleasant staff, knowledgable trainer and very good coverage of material. "

"Great welcome, friendly environment and fab instructor - thank you!"

"welcoming friendly informed trainer , totally pleasant and informtive "

"I was happy with everything, good overview, thank you."

"Teaching was great! Thank you!"

"First rate in all areas"

"All of the above"


"- Trainer very knowledgeable and went through everything really thoroughly and clearly. She was also super nice and approachable and willing to answer any questions. - Small class size meant everyone could ask questions and ensured everyone was following along. - Nice training environment. Good lunch and snacks!"

"Trainer was excellent - patient and knowledgable. Perfect class size."

"general hospitality, catering and instructor knowledge and deliverance."

"Food was great, the trainer was really helpful and a good mix of challenging and simple"

"The venue is lovely and the lunch is amazing!"

"all staff were nice and friendly. The trainer Kate was very knowledgeable and helpful. She answered all queries and questions the group had and showed us some extra helpful shortcuts/tasks which can be done in illustrator. Really enjoyed the training and would recommend it to anyone who is new/ wants to build their confidence/skillset."

"Very useful course, trainer extremely knowledgeable and forthcoming, and as always, the food was great."

"Staff were very friendly"

"Rebecca was excellent and explained everything really clearly, this was a great introduction to Illustrator and I feel a lot more confident now"

"Good refreshments"

"Amazing support and hospitality, very knowledgeable trainer with personalised support throughout."

"Making us feel welcome, being hospitable, and coping with different levels of skills and experience"

"The tutor was fantastic and I would certainly come back to do another on of Vicki's courses"

"Explaining things clearly, helpful materials and great refreshments!"

"Very welcoming environment"

"really good teaching. Clear and engaging lots of exercises to do"

"Vicki was great at explaining things in a simple way, and being able to watch her go through the motions on the screen. Good to have time at the end to do our own thing and ask questions"

"Environment, catering, staff"

"Very in-depth"

"everything , very good course and patient tutor."

"Very friendly and answered any and all questions we had"

"Friendly and knowledgeable "

"Everything was done wonderfully, i can't imagine a better training centre : ) Really really happy with everything. THANK YOU KATE x"