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Adobe Illustrator CC : Intermediate

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Two Day Course


Designed for those already familiar with Adobe Illustrator who need to get the most from this leading graphics application, this is a two day Adobe authorised "power user" course.

The course has been developed for those who wish to increase their productivity and explore more creative options when using Adobe Illustrator.

This practical, hands-on course explores the most efficient ways of producing professional artwork for both print and the web and will enable you to realise your creative and productive potential.
You should have attended the Introduction to Illustrator course at Media Training or have an equivalent level of experience.

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Course Outline

  • Drawing and Path editing
    • Drawing complex bezier shapes
    • Setting anchor points and handle display preferences
    • Using the Control Panel to edit paths
    • Outlining strokes

    Managing colours efficently
    • Use of colour
    • Editing colours using menu commands
    • Extracting colours from artwork
    • Using the Color Guide panel
    • Using the Color Theme panel
    • Creating ASE Swatch libraries

    Using CC Libraries effectively
    • Sharing assets between applications
    • A link to your library with other users
    • Collaborating with other users
    • Controlling Edit permissions for other users

    Appearances and effects
    • Document Raster Effects settings
    • Applying resolution independent raster effects
    • Targeting object attributes
    • Adding multiple attributes to a single object
    • Manipulating the appearance stacking order
    • Applying Live Effects
    • Editing Live Effects
    • Expanding Appearances and Artwork

    Using Clipping Masks
    • Working with clipping masks
    • Modifying clipping masks

    Complex painting techniques
    • Painting with the Paintbrush
    • Using the Bristle brush
    • Setting Bristle brush characteristics
    • Painting with Images in Brushes
    • Creating custom Variable Width profiles
    • Creating custom brushes
    • Using Drawing Behind and Drawing Inside
    • Working with Gradients
    • Working with Gradient Meshes
    • Working with Blends
  • Compound Shapes and paths
    • Using Shape Builder to combine, edit and fill shapes
    • Creating shapes with Pathfinder options

    Working with Symbols
    • Creating and editing symbols
    • Managing symbols
    • Creating symbol libraries
    • Updating symbols

    Manipulating type and objects with Envelope distortions
    • Understanding Envelope Options
    • Uses and limitations of Envelope Distort
    • Applying Warp, Mesh and Top Object distortions
    • Editing Envelope distortions
    • Releasing and expanding distortions

    Creating Transparent art
    • Displaying transparency
    • Applying transparency to attributes, objects, groups and layers
    • Working with opacity masks
    • Adding texture using Opacity Masks
    • Using blending modes
    • Guidelines for successful output

    Creating Patterns
    • Working with the Pattern Options panel
    • Creating symmetrical patterns
    • Creating asymmetrical patterns
    • Saving pattern swatches

    Working in 3D
    • Creating custom 3D shapes
    • Creating 3D type
    • Using lighting effects
    • Mapping symbols onto surfaces

    Creating high resolution PDFs
    • Creating PDFs
    • Global PDF export options

    Exporting and printing
    • Cleaning up your files
    • Advanced printing concerns
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"I like how the teacher explained everything, he answered back all of our questions and also responded to some specifics one that each one of us got. Food, center, cleaning...everything was amazing. Thanks! "

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"Everything, this was my 2nd course, would love to come back for more."

"Providing a great environment and very knowledgable trainers"

"pretty much everything "

"Almost everyone I spoke to had already trained with you – that in itself speaks volumes. Everyone comes back! "

"Tom was a great training and very flexible. Learnt tons!"

"Easy to follow, staff very friendly! always happy to come back"

"Really good trainer with excellent knowledge and training manner. Very likeable and approachable"

"Good at tailoring the course to individual requirements. I liked the size of the group. THANK YOU!! :)"

"A pleasant environment makes all the difference so full marks from me"

"Matt was very flexible in his training methods which helped to address individual requirements but he also managed to include all others in these areas. Great training as always and I learnt a lot from it"

"The trainer was awesome, the facilities/environment were lovely and the food was tasty."

"Matt had loads of patience, I felt really comfortable asking lots of questions even though I felt my knowledge was more basic than that of the other people attending the course. "

"Very knowledgeable and high level classes"

"FOOD! Friendly staff. Loved how the teacher related new skills to our actual work so we could see how we could apply it"

"Facilities and trainers were really great, lunch was good and it was nice to have so many snacks!"

"Very insightful, never to quick and easy to follow"

"Very good at explaining tasks and tailoring it to suit what the group wanted to learn."

"Loved the small group size - got very personal advice. We were showed examples and had a lot of say in what we wanted to be covered in the course"

"The course was good at starting on time, providing a lot of information in a short amount of time"

"trainer was helpful when asked about real life examples, good extra tips and very friendly. Lunch was great."

"going out of your way to find answers to our questions."

"Very helpful and informative. Drilled down deeper into each tool :)"

"General welcome and hospitality is amazing. Also teachers are always very knowledgable. "

"Lovely facilities and staff. Doug was very personable and knowledgable."

"the pace and structure of the course was good, I didn't feel rushed and was able to absorb the teaching "

"Good class sizes, really friendly environment & trainer. Lovely lunch!"

"Great pace. Trainer felt out the room to see what stages people were at, which was good because we were able to miss out things that everybody already felt comfortable on."

"Always very good at making the courses relevant for the respective course takers and their fields/ projects /work and integration"

"Overall, very welcoming and positive. "

"Vicki was very knowledgeable and covered a lot within the space of two days. I now feel even more confident gaining a better understanding for the core principles of Illustrator. "

"Taking the class step by step through the tutorials. Vicki was excellent at noticing when we weren't quite getting it and quickly resolved any issues or problems we were having. The notes we're given as a PDF pack are really helpful and detailed. Also, Vicki was good at explaining everything in understandable terms - not too much jargon! Her recommendations for graphic resource websites were top notch! I would absolutely recommend these courses to anyone in the design industry. Not only can you speed up your work flow, I've improved my efficiency and learnt a lot of quick tips. Thanks Vicki!! "

"Efficient teaching and good selection of food."

"Covered so much of the software, got out of it just want I wanted. All of my questions answered. Was the completely course I was hoping for!! Fantastic "