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Google Analytics : Introduction

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One Day Course


A Google Analytics training course at the UK's largest creative training company is the ideal way to get started with this vital web marketing tool that provides statistical data on your website traffic and marketing effectiveness.

Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features let you see and analyse your traffic data in entirely new ways. Using the information from Google Analytics allows you to strengthen your marketing initiatives and increase the number of conversions or sales from your website.

You'll learn how to understand the data and flow of visitors to your site. Maximise the effectiveness of your website and learn how to crunch the numbers to ensure that your marketing budget is being used most effectively.

With more and more customers coming to businesses through company websites it is increasingly important to understand a user's behaviour on your site. Google Analytics allows you to track your traffic and judge the success of pages on your current website. Our Google Analytics course shows you how to interpret the behaviour of users on your site so you can align your marketing strategies.

Our Google Analytics trainers are industry professionals with vast experience, they are also passionate about providing you with Google Analytics skills you can implement back in the office.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring your Analytics login details with you on the day if you have them, you'll be able to access your account and get the most from the training.

You need no previous experience to attend this course.

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Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • How Google Analytics works
    • The Google Analytics tracking code
    • Administering Google Analytics
    • The installation procedure
    • Creating new profiles

    Analysing your visitors
    • Who are your visitors?
    • Understanding your visitor profile
    • What is your bounce rate?
    • How long do visitors spend on your site?

    Visitor activity analysis
    • What page do visitors land on?
    • How long do they stay?
    • Measuring how visitors engage with your site
    • Using Visitor FlowChart to understand behaviour
  • Google Analytics reports
    • Using Dashboards
    • Defining goals
    • Measuring conversions
    • Creating and customising reports
    • Filtering data and segmenting visitors

    Traffic source analysis
    • Understanding traffic source reports
    • Comparing natural and paid search (SEO vs PPC)
    • Analysing your AdWords performance
    • Using social media reports

    Understanding website performance
    • Understanding page performance reports
    • Using Site Speed reports to measure response and download times
    • Using In-Page analytics

    Questions and answers
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"Taking every stage step by step and making sure everyone is on track. "

"I thought the session was a really good introduction to the world of analytics and delivered well on its criteria. Would recommend highly. "


"Fantastic course, can't think of how it could be improved "

"Talked me through areas I was struggling with and made me do a practice test so that I fully understood the task, which helped me to understand that particular difficulty. Answered all my questions clearly and with helpful examples."

"I really liked the size of the group, being only 4 trainees made it very personable and not overwhelming. I also liked how interactive the session was, so whilst being based in a classroom all day we were actively using Google Analytics to put into practice was Kirsty was teaching us. "

"Really enjoyed all aspects of the day, good training, good food and coffee!"

"insightful and friendly"

"Good setting and effective running of the day"

"Teacher had excellent knowledge"

"making sure to spend time on each person, treating everyone very personally. "


"Kirsty was knowledgeable and easy to understand, and kept us all up to speed and was friendly and amusing too!"

"Making everything relevant to our diverse interests and needs, being friendly and supportive, making learning both insightful and fun :)"

"Helping me get to grips with Analytics by going through our analytics account, which meant I was able to experience the course in the most relevant way possible."

"Giving individual attention. Friendliness. Great environment and classroom set up. Approachable staff and trainer. "

"Very knowledgeable, friendly, easy to ask questions & get answers needed, kept my interest, felt conversational rather than just a lecture."

"Very clear explanations of everything"

"Covering an awful lot of content in a short time."

"Good class sizes, great refreshments, well planned course. I'm pleased there wasn't a deeper level of intro was all that was needed and I think anymore would have blown my mind!"

"Really enthusiastic and passionate trainer who clearly knew her stuff! The training center is really lovely and welcoming. The lunch was great! "

"We were given lots of guidance and handy tips to take away with us. I'm confident that I have some key takeaways that I can start to implement tomorrow. Most importantly I feel more confident in using Google Analytics to analyse our web traffic and inform my content strategy"

"enthusiastic trainer, good content and regular recaps "

"Knowledgeable and friendly trainer - happy to accommodate all questions"

"I have always been very happy with the courses. I think the best aspect is that they are small enough so that the teachers can make sure that everyone gets the most out of it. I also think it is totally correct that teachers ask questions to make sure the material was understood!"

"Great explanation of a complex and dry subject. Managed to stay alert throughout in spite of a slight hangover."

"The day was very worth the money (that my company paid. It's a great venue, the small class size was brilliant because you could ask as many questions as you want, and Kirsty was extremely knowledgable, without being overwhelming, and very approachable. I feel like I've learned a lot because of her."

"It was a really informative and helpful course. I liked how Kirsty asked us to repeat learnings from earlier in the day at various intervals so it really stayed in my head. I learn best by repetition! I also liked how open she was to questions and her offer to keep in touch in future is really kind. "

"small groups so lots of 1 on 1 time "

"Very experienced and knowledgeable, plus a great spread at lunch!"

"Very organised and informative staff."

"Explaining things in detail and making it relevant to your own work which is very useful. Plus having a small group size makes all the difference to really get that attention and support."

"Simon was a great trainer, explained everything in a lot of detail and answered all questions well."

"everything was great - would be interested in doing more in depth course. "

"Teachers, environment, staff, lunch, coffee and great valuable courses."