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Publicity is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available. A well-crafted press release increases customer awareness of your company or organisation, builds credibility and raises profile - all at no cost.

This course is designed for those new to press or PR who wish to increase the amount and quality of press and publicity their organisation receives. You will learn what makes a newsworthy story and how to write professional press releases that media organisations will want to use.

You need no previous experience to attend this course.

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Course Outline

  • How the press works and why they need PR
    • The structure of modern media
    • PR vs advertising
    • What are the advantages of PR?
    • Examples of effective press releases
    • Understanding common media terminology

    What is the press looking for?
    • What makes a press release newsworthy?
    • Which publications to target and when to target them
    • Paper press releases and digital press releases

    Writing press releases
    • Following a standard press release outline
    • Getting the timing right
    • Writing a good lead paragraph
    • Writing the body of a press release
    • The recap
    • Structuring a press release to make information easily accessible
  • Content
    • Selecting newsworthy information
    • Writing attention-grabbing headlines
    • Presenting facts
    • Adding a human interest element
    • How to dilute negative information
    • Using photographs effectively

    Understanding your target audience
    • Tailoring your press release to your audience

    What makes a successful press release?
    • Ten tips to increase media coverage
    • The press release checklist

    Building press contacts
    • The importance of one-to-one relationships
    • Useful resources

    Questions and answers
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"Friendly, approachable, very knowledgeable, lovely new location, friendly staff"

"Small class, great content and excellent teaching in a lovely environment"

"The subject matter was interesting and engaging. The course trainer was knowledgeable and gave us some good tips and insight into the course subject. The location was lovely and all of the staff really friendly. I really liked that the group was small as we could ask questions and talk about the things we were interested in more. "

"The course was really hands on and so insightful. I feel like I'm leaving today with so much more knowledge and the confidence to write my own press releases right away. Thank you Helen!"

"The course was broken down into easy-to-digest sections. Helen was very thorough and there were some detailed handouts to take away, too."

"Being personable. Keeping to topic. Thank you!"

"Providing relevant material and being able to access it after the course "

"very well organised, instructions to join very clear"

"All really friendly and everything ran to time"

"the food and drinks are excellent"

"Really good and engaging course. Trainer was knowledgeable and was able to put skills learnt into use. "

"Nice facilities, helpful staff, good location, good computer setup"

"new hints and good techniques on top of my knowledge how to write a press release"

"Good industry knowledge, great to be trained by a journalist as well as someone who writes press releases. Love the small class size. Good chance to use skills learnt in the afternoon."

"Really clear directions and advice. "

"Another great course!"

"Sparked an interest, looked at press releases in a new way"

"presenting, being constructive with support, relevant and open to converse "

"The overall atmosphere of the training center was great. The course delivery was great."

"This was absolutely superb in all regards. Probably the most useful training session I've been on. I feel motivated, more confident and well-equipped with both the theoretical and practical knowledge to take this forward into my professional work. Thank you!"

"Great use of examples and practical exercises. Information given at good pace, and we covered a lot of ground in a relatively short time. Piers set up great environment in which we were comfortable to ask questions and the advice given was useful. Exercises were tailored to each participant's needs, whilst still providing a great overview on best practice. "

"Very nice atmosphere. Course was really helpful, and not too intense- a nice starter to writing press releases!"

"I liked the fact that our trainer had a lot of experience. He good explain the concepts and frameworks very well and provided us with a general basis we can always fall back on when writing Press Release in the future. I also liked the general setting of Media Training, everything was very well prepared and I felt very welcomed. "

"You were good at being concrete concise and super effective in my daily tasks"

"Lunch was very nice, lots of choice. Excellent trainer, used knowledge of us to relate examples and bring us into the learning. "

"Piers was very knowledgeable and supportive, the facilities were good and lunch was lovely."

"Piers immediately provided a strong hook for the course, raised highly relevant information and took a great approach. I really enjoyed the examples provided and Piers provided constructive criticism and useful advice, justifying his feedback and perspective throughout. He was able to tailor his advice across sector specialisations and I will seek out his courses in future."

"Fantastic course, and I enjoyed being only two participants. Trainer was really nice and knowledgable, and tailored the session to the participants, and gave very useful advices. "

"Being a welcoming, bright and modern environment with good facilities. The small class size was also great."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend and also consider other courses in the future. Great trainer! "

"Small class size meant we could ask lots of questions and get answers tailored to our jobs/industry. Very good trainer who kept us engaged throughout"

"Nice to have small class size, good environment, appreciated having laptop to work at"

"Trainer was good in showing how a general example could be very applicable to own use."

"Great flow of the day and an organised trainer. Really efficient and helpful staff aswell."

"the course was very hands-on (small group size was a big plus) and well-organized. It was very nice that all materials were provided and I didn't have to lug my laptop with me. Food was excellent too. I'll be recommending your company to everyone at my work. Thank you!"