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Infographics : Introduction

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Infographics are an exciting visual way to tell a story, reveal the truth in the data, provide engaging and accessible information, and reinforce your brand. If they are timely, relevant and useful – and great to look at - they can have a viral impact. But the content has to be rich, well-researched, accurate, and have a strong narrative flow.

This practical one day course will teach you how to find the story in the data and tell it to your readers using tried and tested journalistic techniques, from angle and structure to powerful headlines and an irresistible call to action.

You will explore different infographic formats and develop content all the way to the point of design.

If you would like to explore the graphic design aspects of Infographics, we recommend attending either our one day Infographics: Design with Illustrator or our two day Illustrator Introduction course.

You need no previous experience to attend this course.

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Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • What is an infographic?
    • What makes a successful infographic?
    • Balanced branding: how infographics work best as marketing tools
    • The infographics as an integrated element of your company’s digital marketing strategy

    Common Infographic Styles
    • Diagram Infographics
    • Process Infographics
    • Chart Infographics
    • Timeline Infographics
    • Best practice for data presentation

    Getting good ideas
    • Researching topics for different infographic styles
    • Finding the best data
    • Defining and refining your angle

    Telling the story
    • Infographic content as journalism
    • Structuring the narrative
    • What’s new or different?
    • Reliable data: using statistics and facts to support the story
    • Brief but never dull: the art of concise reporting
  • The Call to Action
    • The core message of your infographic
    • Your audience: who wants to know?
    • Compelling content: revelations, shared practical advice and engaging questions
    • Capturing emotions: how to write attention-grabbing headlines and other sells

    Avoiding common pitfalls
    • Weak, old or non-existent stories
    • Inaccurate or out-of-date data
    • Over-branding

    The design brief
    • Visualising the story
    • Standing out from the crowd
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"Small classes, allowing opportunities to discuss areas in more detail"

"Helpful to look at plenty of examples of infographics and identify what makes them good and bad. Useful training notes. "

"enjoyed the course, and found the trainer very approachable and easy to understand"

"Piers was very knowledgable about his subject, the course was pitched at the correct level for me (understandable, relevant, easily digestible but components that challenged you and your thought patterns). I will take a lot from this course and will recommend some of my colleagues to attend in the future."

"Great at the theory for creating an infographic."

"Really great atmosphere and teaching style. It worked well to have breaks in between sessions to fully focus during the course."

"Everything was well organised and everyone was there to help. The day went without a hitch. "

"Good at helping with ideas formulation, and making pupils feel valued. "

"Nice location with great attention for details"

"Providing context and a calm, open environment with which to work"

"Giles was helpful and knowledgeable and approchable and able to understand all our perspectives as students from different professional backgrounds. Was also really useful to start with examples. Lunch and space are great."

"The trainer is very good - he broke everything down clearly and gave a range of interesting examples. The practical exercises were useful and I found it helpful to share my work with the trainer and the other participants. I was also agreeably surprised by the choice and quality of the food at lunch! Finally, the space in which the training courses take place is very pleasant. Thanks very much!"

"Great blend of expertise, thoughtful examples and practical advice that I can and apply in day to day work. "

"really great at breaking down the information and providing it in a way that was easy to digest, Piers was really knowledgable and super friendly!"

"V welcoming and lovely work space"

"the course really helped me to be able to critically analyse infographics and translate that ability to my own process of creating infographics. I found it helpful when we looked through examples of good and bad infographics at the start and then to put into practise how to create our own in a step-by-step process first in twos and then individually."

"All great, thank you."

"Working specifically with each attendee to make sure they got what they needed out of it"

"Describing the importance of developing a good narrative for the story which will then be nade into an infographi, the importance of choosing the key data to support your messages and putting further thought into developing the infographic as a whole and not just a visual tool."

"Very welcoming and experienced trainer in the field of journalism and story/content development. Always happy to answer questions and good course structure."

"Excellent structure to the day. Lots of useful examples and recommendations. "

"Quality of the course and general hosting of everyone. "

"All aspects of the training will help in my use of Infographics, especially the rationale of using this method of communication."

"Piers was clearly very knowledgable and offered valuable insights into the process of creating infographics from an angle i'd not necessary considered before, would definitely recommend this course and to colleagues in similar roles."

"Very friendly, knowledgeable, small class sizes"

"Clearly knowledgeable trainer, and good examples of the sorts of things we should be looking to create in our own infographics. "

"Friendliness, polite, welcoming. Great Trainer."

"Friendly welcome. Great trainer. Very cool surroundings and perfect training environment."

"Personalised service."

"Nice training centre and helpful, friendly staff."

"Exercises, putting lessons learn't into practise "

"Good focus on finding the key message of your infographics before thinking about visuals. Excellent lunch and facilities. Trainer set out clearly how the course would be structured at the start of the day so we could see how each section led into the next."

"Really enjoyed the course because we were a small group of five so we could discuss topics with the trainer and could make it relevant for our work."

"Lovely setting and building - great vibe - open and light - great facilities and food was great. Like that groups are small - great for in-depth discussions and information sharing - can share ideas and thoughts Trainer was friendly, knowledgable and had a great day - really made me rethink my approach "

"I thought Andy was very knowledgeable and answered any questions very helpfully. I really enjoyed the course - thank you!"