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Adobe InDesign CC : Introduction

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Two Day Course


InDesign is the go-to software for anyone looking to create beautiful magazines, newsletters, reports and other publications.

This intro course is suitable for all and does not require any previous design experience. It is particularly popular with marketing and communications teams as well as freelancers and those working in the publishing industry.

This two-day Adobe authorised introductory course is designed to give you a comprehensive knowledge of Adobe InDesign and the confidence to create beautiful and effective page layouts.

The course concentrates on building a document layout from scratch and explores layout and typographical controls, working with layers and creating multipage documents.

You need no previous experience to attend this course.

What are the five things you will get out of this course?
• Create a variety of visually appealing InDesign documents from scratch
• Effectively, efficiently and consistency format text in documents
• Ensure graphical images are of a high quality, suitable for print or screen
• Confidently hand-off projects to colleagues or external printers
• Produce PDF documents suitable for print, web and in-house printing

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Course Outline

  • Introducing the InDesign interface
    • Changing the look and feel of InDesign — workspaces and interface options
    • Introducing InDesign preferences
    • Understanding application and document-wide preferences
    • Using essential shortcuts

    Creating a new document
    • Navigating the New Document dialogue box
    • Choosing a document destination—Print, Web or Mobile
    • Saving and accessing presets
    • Using Adobe-provided templates
    • Creating and using frames
    • Placing text
    • Selecting and editing text
    • Placing graphics and images
    • Using the Content Indicator
    • Saving an InDesign document

    Managing Fonts
    • Handling missing fonts
    • Using the Font Favourites feature
    • Filtering Fonts by Class
    • Choosing Similar Fonts

    Formatting copy
    • Character-level formatting
    • Paragraph-level formatting
    • Using the Eyedropper tool

    Working with styles
    • Introducing Object styles
    • Introducing Character and Paragraph styles
    • Creating and applying styles
    • Editing styles
    • Loading attributes from other documents
    • Highlighting and removing style overrides

    Working with graphics
    • An overview of different file formats
    • Introduction to image resolution
    • Placing multiple graphics and images
    • Understanding the Links panel
    • Using the Info panel
    • Linking versus embedding assets
    • Handling missing and modified assets
    • An introduction to the Auto-fit functions

    Understanding colour
    • Using stroke and fill options
    • Creating colour swatches
    • Creating and applying tints
    • Sampling colours from images

    Questions and answers
  • Managing your Assets
    • Creating an Object Library
    • Introduction to CC Libraries

    Using Layout controls
    • Using rulers, grids and guides
    • Smart guides and smart spacing
    • Using layers effectively
    • Understanding the notion of Gridify
    • Introducing the Align Panel
    • Selecting, arranging and grouping objects

    Editing copy
    • Using the Story Editor
    • Introducing Find/Change
    • Using the Spell Checker

    Working with Master Pages
    • Introducing the Pages panel
    • Creating and editing Masters
    • Applying Master Pages
    • Auto-numbering pages
    • Adjusting margins and columns
    • Introducing Numbering and Section options
    • Targeting pages and spreads

    Working with transparency
    • Introducing the Effects panel
    • Applying transparency

    Transforming objects
    • Scaling objects vs contents
    • Transforming objects

    Fine-Tuning your text
    • Threading and unthreading Text frames
    • Multi-column Text frames
    • Insetting copy within a Text frame
    • Controlling the vertical position of the copy within a Text frame
    • Wrapping text around images

    Exporting Your Document
    • Exporting as a PDF
    • Using pre-defined PDF presets
    • Using Live PreFlight
    • Packaging files for hand-off

    Questions and answers
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"Everything - I very much enjoyed! Thank you Kate."

"Good food, pleasant environment and patient teacher."

"Giving good reasoning behind why we learning the things we are."

"Explaining things in detail and using real world examples in places. The trainer was extremely knowledgeable and could easily talk to her about any problems. She was also happy to answer any questions that we had. "

"Very informative for beginners"

"Trainer very knowledgeable and friendly"

"Really happy with course and training facilities. Learnt a lot and looking forward to using skills at work. "

"Very welcoming! The training was good at ensuring it was simple enough for beginners, whilst referring to design principles which I am really interested in. And some personalisation on day 2, as I will be using InDesign more for text than images."

"excellent effort to answer everyone's questions. Always helpful and gave good explanation to any questions. The computers, and the centre were very nice and in excellent condition for the training. Thank You!"

"It was an excellent course, with a great balance of tutorial, practical experience and Q&As, and plenty of opportunity for each individual attendee to focus on what was most relevant to them. For a two-day beginner course it was very thorough and definitely covered all the essential basics - really well led by a very knowledgeable trainer. Thanks!"

"All of the ratings above are genuine, very impressed with the course and would definitely recommend/use this provider for future courses. Very friendly staff, great atmosphere and my objectives were achieved."

"Ian was very knowledgeable, friendly and went through things as a good speed. The hands-on approach is great as it's much easier to take things in when you're doing them. "

"Very organised system and efficient trainer who covered everything in exactly the right amount of detail"

"Ian was very thorough, had good examples and very patient with those who need extra time. I would definitely book the next level of training with Media Training Ltd. Many thanks "

"Explaining clearly, and in different ways to help us understand. Thank you!"

"The instructor was very patient with my complete lack of InDesign knowledge."

"Friendly, approachable, knowledgeable. Nice atmosphere to the training centre. Food was delicious."

"Vicki was very knowledgeable and helpful when I had a problem. The food on offer was lovely."

"Vicki was great at encouraging us to learn from each other, paced the session very well for everyone to get along with, and answered all of our questions consummately. The ability to drop in and start immediately (untouched PCs overnight, etc.) is great and really lets you get into the second day quickly. I appreciated the play time, especially at beginner level, both as a direct playtime but also as a space to familiarise yourself with other templates and ways of working beyond the limits of the beginner course. Amelia was very welcoming on entrance, as were all staff I interacted with."

"Vicki was brilliant at making us all not feel silly for asking the most basic of questions. Time to 'play' with the program at the end of the course was really helpful. I know the cheat sheet will be well used too! "

"Amelia was very welcoming upon arrival which helped as I was a little nervous about going to somewhere I have not been before and not knowing anybody. Both Amelia and Katie were attentive and available to help where needed. Vicky is a fantastic trainer, very knowledgeable and friendly. She was very patient especially for novices like myself, which in turn made me feel comfortable to ask questions or speak up if I fell behind. "

"Vicky was great, friendly, fun and so patient and informative. It was great to get a friendly welcome on arrival especially for anyone who is a bit nervous about coming on a course - thanks to Amelia and Katie. Great lunch, fantastic facilities and I have come away feeling much more confident using InDesign. Thank you!"

"Learned a lot from Vicky in just two days and the atmosphere is very welcoming from the beginning (Maria and the rest of the staff are all great!)."

"All was great. Well done and thank you. Really enjoyed the 2 days training."

"Everything was excellent, everyone very friendly and helpful. Instructor endlessly patient."

"Everything! VIcky is a great instructor! She is extremely approachable and knowledgeable. Great course. "

"Pretty much everything! The examples were good and Vicki was very knowledgeable, helpful and very approachable! "

"Making the course accessible. Being positive, patient and very very helpful."

"Took us through at a good steady pace and gave us lovely examples to practice with. Very approachable and knowledgeable trainer. "

"Overall no complaints"

"I thought the course was very good and generally well paced given it was a mixed group. "

"Seems a daft question - training, I mean why would you want it to be anything else."

"Very thorough and patient trainer "

"Kate was excellent , knowledgeable, friendly and very patient. In fact, all the staff are friendly and helpful. Lunch is excellent"

"Good trainer, great set up"