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Sub-Editing : Introduction

Two Day Course


This course is designed to help you develop the skills you need to be an outstanding sub editor; an orderly mind, scepticism, an eye for detail, an obsession with accuracy and the ability to work quickly under pressure.

This two day course utilises practical examples throughout and is ideal for those new to sub editing as well as writers and journalists who wish to tighten and fine-tune their own copy.

This is an ideal introduction for those new to sub editing. You need no previous sub editing experience to attend this course.

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Course Outline

  • Knowing what to look for
    How to learn the knack of spotting the errors that might pass an average reader by but which the sub editor must always correct

    Six essential checks
    The six routine checks that will uncover the majority of potential errors in copy and help the sub editor get it right every time

    When to change copy and when to leave it alone
    • When to cut and when to rewrite
    • Editing copy to fit

    Sub editing news
    • News stories follow a particular set format - how to ensure a news story is written correctly

    Sub editing features and opinion pieces
    • Features have a different structure to news stories - how to sub a feature
    • What you can and can\'t do to an opinion piece
  • Online subbing techniques
    • Tips for subbing short-form digital content quickly and thoroughly

    Writing headlines, standfirsts, captions and other sells
    This is the most creative part of sub editing, the most fun and - in terms of getting a reader to actually read a story - the most important
    • Creating eye-catching sells
    • The secrets of writing a good headline

    An essential guide to proofing
    • Good proofreading techniques

    Tips on keeping the writer happy
    • How to have good working relations with your writers

    How to sub your own copy
    On publications with a small team, writers often have to sub their own copy. It\'s difficult to spot errors you have committed yourself so this course covers key steps to help you sub your own work

    What sub editors need to know about media law
    • Spotting potentially expensive legal errors
    • Legal points you must be aware of and what to do if you are unsure

    Questions and answers
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"Piers is a great trainer with lots of experience to pass on"

"Very good at putting people at ease."

"Clear about what the course included and checking relevance to us all - also it was really good to learn in a small group"

"Training was very useful. Trainer was very helpful and informative. Liked the informality and small class size."

"knowledge, training, food, breaks, environment is cool."

"Fantastic venue & great staff. Really enjoyed my two days with Piers - thank you!"

"The course was extremely good and Piers is a great teacher. I really enjoyed and learnt a lot and had some good laughs with him and the other student, Emma. Thank you."

"One-on-one approach was very useful, consultative approach was good, encouraged me to ask questions"

"Making sure that we were getting what we wanted out of the course Hands on examples - not just listening but doing too Plenty of breaks so nothing became too overwhelming Opportunity for interesting discussion Small class size"

"Fantastic trainer- understandable, grounded and experienced. I've learnt a lot!"

"Very organised and people were very approachable"

"Nice size of class - good mix of exercises, discussion and training. "

"Good overall insight on the world of sub-editing "

"Trainer was someone who does the job herself - rather than just being a teacher - so had lots of great real-life example"

"Lots of information, well presented, well structured, liked the practical activities and discussions"

"Thoroughly enjoyed my media training. Helen was informative and was able to get across key points in an interesting way. I'll walk away feeling much more confident in my role as sub editor."

"Warm welcome and comfortable environment. Friendly and knowledgable trainer. "

"Getting all the information across in a timely manner, and in a way that all participants understood."

"Having the regular breaks throughout the day kept my mind focused and engaged. Piers was exceptional and a very good teacher. I would definitely come back to do another course here. Thank you for everything. :)"

"Creating a friendly atmosphere. Tailoring the course to people's needs and including people in discussion. "

"Excellent facilities, and Piers was an extremely knowledgable trainer who provided loads of useful tips and fielded all questions well."

"Great teaching, amazing lunch, love the refreshments "

"Very helpful and courteous staff, and the trainer amazing. "

"Everyone was very friendly, the food was tasty, and Tina was great."

"friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and got on well with the tutor"

"Nice, small groups so chance for everyone to work on areas specific to them and spend time as needed / not needed on different topics."

"Very friendly and informative. The course was very well adapted to our needs, which was really great. "

"pace of the course was great, allowed time where needed,but moved on when didn't. Great that course was amended to suit our requirements and to make sure that we got out of it what we needed. Like that Patsy offered to send grammar notes by email that aren't covered in the course notes."

"Everything, thank you :)"

"Very friendly and informed."

"providing a good course in a suitable venue "

"Everything! This was a really good experience. The course was excellent, the training was excellent, as were the facilities and the lunch. I appreciated the extra care with which I was treated after staff noticed I was on crutches. "

"The course had a very good pace and the right mix of information and opportunity to discuss, feed back, etc. It felt very engaging throughout."

"Excellent writing exercises and well-structured course."

"The instructor was knowledgeable, engaging, flexible and responsive to the group's needs despite group members' different backgrounds, as well as up-to-date on industry trends. The group was small and, to me, ideal for learning and participating in the course discussions. Lunch surprised on the upside and very good."

"Helen was great at getting engaging debate and conversation going; the small group size of 3 helped this as well. The course has been a brilliant introduction to sub-editing; Helen's expertise and experience really came across. I enjoyed the mix of working through practical examples individually followed by group discussion, creating a collaborative feel. The venue is a great setting as well - the staff are so friendly (even letting me borrow an iPhone charger!) and the regular breaks with refreshments and delicious lunch were perfect opportunities for more discussion about the industry more broadly. Highly recommended! Thanks Helen :)"

"Laid back training style. Small groups is a major plus (only three of us). Patient trainer. Would take more courses. "