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Adobe InDesign CC : Creating ePubs

One Day Course


This Adobe authorised course will give you the skills required to produce professional eBooks from your existing Adobe InDesign documents that work beautifully on iPad, Kindle, Sony Reader, Nook and many other devices. You should have attended the Introduction to Adobe InDesign course at Media Training or have an equivalent working knowledge of InDesign. Please note, you will need to be using Adobe InDesign CS6 or later to create ePubs with Adobe InDesign.

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Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • Overview of the ePub format
    • The differences between ePub, Mobi, Kindle format and PDF formats

    Best practice guidelines
    • Configuring continuous text frames
    • Applying paragraph and character styles
    • Replacing automated TOCs with cross-reference TOCs
    • Creating links
    • Creating a cover
    • Embedding metadata
    • Managing CSS styles
    • Managing bullet and numbered lists
    • Embedding fonts

    Creating ePub structure
    • Creating a cover page
    • Using page layout for structure
    • XML for structure
    • The Article panel
    • Creating H1 and H2 tags
    • Controlling image positions
  • Long document features
    • Creating a book panel
    • Adding documents
    • Setting up chapter numbering
    • Cross references
    • Adding footnotes
    • Creating a Table of Contents
    • Automatic Index generation in CC
    • Synchronising books

    Incorporating images and video
    • Compatible image formats
    • Evaluating colour spaces and resolution
    • Anchoring images
    • Adding video to your eBook

    Exporting to the ePub 3 format
    • Evaluating an ePub in iBook Reader
    • Fixed layout ePubs

    Exporting to Kindle format
    • Evaluating your Kindle document

    Editing the HTML and CSS
    • Schema of an ePub document
    • Examining XHTML and CSS
    • Validation

    Questions and answers
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"I really enjoyed the course. The trainer was very knowledgeable, answering any questions we raised. She took us through from the basics explaining everything clearly. The pace was really good. The day was run really well as well, the food and refreshments provided were excellent. "

"Hazel was a great trainer; covered everything I wanted in a really clear way. Pace was generally good and really valued opportunities to try things out. Facilties really good."

"Organisation and explanation from start to finish. Thank you."

"course, food and all work!!"

"Doug has been great - really helpful and very patient. The whole course has flowed very smoothly and I have enjoyed getting to grips with all the software!"

"Course quality was excellent with lots of good examples of how things applied. There was also a lot of info in such a short course. Lunch was also good and there was flexibility about the course timings when I needed to miss a small chunk in the afternoon for a meeting. "

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"The small group size was really helpful to give in depth guidance for everyone. The set out of the room with a large monitor displaying the programme was also helpful to follow along. The lunch was incredible."

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"I couldn't fault anything, my tutor Vicki was fab and had excellent knowledge. The lunch was also amazing!! "

"Great environment to work in, our course trainer (Vicki Loader) was great, felt like I learned a lot in a short space of time, lunch was lovely"

"Ambience, Knowledge, Skills (for me InDesign), and Friendly People."

"The training was great and vicki was an excellent teacher. I can on the course to recap my indesign knowledge and it has been a great help! "

"easy communication, helpful, friendly staff "

"Very good knowledgeable trainer and a yummy lunch! Really enjoyed the course :)"

"Everything - really impressed and now feel a lot more confident in what I'm doing. "

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"Great venue and hospitality. Everyone very friendly and helpful. "

"Great food, lots of oppurtunity for questions in the course, friendly staff "

"Thorough and useful. "

"Everything! Really useful course at a nice pace and easy to follow :-)"

"overall very good very knowledgeable and good use of practicals "

"Excellent pace. Hazel explained everything really well and the course was the perfect mix of explaining about InDesign and letting us do practical examples. Being a beginner I was a bit worried I might not keep up but I felt I learnt loads and I'm very glad that I attended the course."

"The course was informative and is extremely worthwhile - would recomend to all my colleagues Hazel is friendly and knowledgeable and a fantastic teacher"

"Refreshments, friendliness, being able to choose between Windows and OSX."

"Matt was great at answering all our questions and ensuring that we did the exercises so that we remembered them."

"Applying practice to how we could use it at work. Great at letting us work at our own speed. The food and refreshments were fantastic. "

"Fantastic teacher with great working experience. Lovely atmosphere and the extra guides and phone service is a real bonus for going back and getting started."

"Length of course, practice part - challenging but super useful and most importantly small classes. It was easy to get hazel's help when needed which isn't always the case in large classes. Really enjoyed it!"

"Practice examples that involved combining lots of functions/actions were really helpful to practice and go over things altogether rather than one at a time"

"Small group was perfect at no more than 6 so people at different levels can keep up with each other, great environment and technology, Emile was extremely helpful with any questions. I feel everything I've learned has been extremely useful and I can't wait to start putting it to some use :-)"

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"good at giving an overall range of uses of the programme, trainer was very helpful and willing to give more examples and ensure that what i wanted to know was answered. "

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"helpful and friendly staff. "

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