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HTML : Introduction

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Two Day Course


This two day course is designed for those with no previous coding or programming experience but who need a comprehensive grasp of web page coding and structure using HTML - the language of the web.

By the end of this course you will have the necessary knowledge to author web pages, be able to edit existing HTML and to maintain and update existing web content. You will also have an understanding of the role and importance of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The course explores planning a website, understanding structural markup, website architecture, creating on-line forms and tables and importing graphics. You need no previous experience to attend this course.

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Course Outline

  • Background
    • Introduction to HTML

    Structuring a website
    • The client/server relationship
    • Understanding directories and how a site is organised
    • Cross platform file names
    • Cross platform directory names

    The minimal HTML document
    • Understanding HTML syntax
    • Creating body text
    • Creating titles
    • Creating headings
    • Working with structure and elements
    • Using the Section, Nav, Article and Aside tags

    Adding metadata
    • How search engines read websites
    • Creating content tags
    • Creating keyword tags

    Adding structure to the content
    • Creating headings and sub headings
    • Creating paragraphs
    • Working with special characters
    • Creating line breaks

    Working with images
    • Adding image links
    • The GIF, JPEG and PNG formats
    • Compression issues
    • Alternative text, titles and descriptions for images
    • Using the figure tag

    Creating and working with lists
    • Numbered (ordered) lists
    • Unnumbered (unordered) lists
    • Definition lists

    Linking to other documents
    • Relative links vs absolute links
    • Working with URLs
    • Anchors within documents

    Questions and answers
  • Tables in HTML5
    • Tables vs CSS
    • When to use tables and when not to
    • Creating a table
    • Creating rows
    • Creating columns

    • Creating a basic input form
    • Adding form fields, radio buttons and check boxes
    • Using the legend, label and fieldset tags
    • Adding submit and reset buttons
    • Using form methods
    • Combining forms and actions
    • Using HTML5 form tags

    Working with colour
    • Hexadecimal and RGB colour

    Overview of CSS
    • Separating content from presentation
    • The difference between CSS and markup
    • What can CSS do?
    • CSS structure (syntax)
    • Inserting styles - inline, embedded or external

    Styling text using inline CSS
    • Styling basic text elements
    • Specifying font size and colour
    • Specifying font alignment

    Styling a table
    • Styling row and column settings
    • Creating borders
    • Adding colours

    Styling Links
    • Creating hover effects
    • Keeping tracks of links

    Backward compatibility
    • Ensuring your HTML5 code can run on any browser

    Publishing issues
    • Uploading your site
    • Proofing and testing your site
    • Troubleshooting

    Questions and answers
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"Really good, helpful course. Great lunch! "

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"The course was very good and I look forward to continuing with more courses in the future"

"Everything! Iwan is an amazing trainer and he really know's everything about the class (HTML) he teaches. I really enjoyed it and it was super fun and I had a great time. I'd love to do the CSS course now, and maybe the Photoshop for the Web in the future! Love you all! <3 xo"

"Good use of activities to aid learning"

"very in depth and covered a lot of different things. "

"Very friendly staff and trainer. Nice small classes."

"Very helpful staff!"

"Really good facilities and very good idea that we get to keep the HTML files we've been working on"

"Very knowledgable and good tips"

"Everything was great, Iwan was incredibly knowledgable and helpful. 100% recommend!"

"Amazing teacher and a very very interesting class! Great food as well. "

"Teaching in a way that I remembered the information!"

"Great enviroment to learn in, classes are the right size. "

"Iwan was terrific. Great explanations, good humour, a delight to work with. "

"good session, feel like i've learned what i wanted to learn!"

"Presentation, training (make us understanding and give us good examples)"

"Really great staff and teachers, food was brilliant. Overall a great experience."

"It has been a very well-structured course, with very clear explanations. The pace was reasonable, I could follow along quite easily. Very friendly environment, extremely helpful staff."

"brilliant course and trainer, small class size, friendly staff and great lunch!"

"Probably the best training course I've ever been on."

"size of the class and pace of the course were excellent - never bored and really felt like we covered a lot of ground. "

"Really helpful at going through the basics and any thing that I didn't understand. Follow up questions about how to use it in my career were answered and went beyond expectations. It went at a good pace and covered everything I needed to know as well as giving online tutorials to continue further learning."

"Good food, friendly staff"

"The course was broken up into manageable chunks which was helpful. The lunch was good and the trainer was knowledgeable and friendly. "

"Good learning environment. Very high-tech and friendly. "

"Everything was great, trainer was very knowledgeable and ran through at a good pace. Everything was very relaxed and lunch was delicious!"

"Everything - top trainer, course materials, and facilities."

"Really supportive and extensive teach."

"Everything is very well organised. The course is very clear and to the point. Great library of assets to keep. "

"very helpful explained everything simply and clearly."

"Approachable and knowledgable. "

"Excellent trainer - knowledgeable and patient! Liked the small class size - 4 was a perfect number for HTML intro"

"Welcome was friendly, facilities good. Training was at a good pace with plenty of breaks to take it all in."

"Efficiently run, good style of teaching and good pace. Felt I could ask questions if needed. "