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HTML Canvas : Introduction

Two Day Course


Out of all the new HTML5 features, the Canvas tag and its associated JavaScript API are the most graphically rewarding. Advertisements, animations, applications, games, and nearly anything else that was once the domain of plug-ins like Flash and Java can be now created with native HTML5.

This two day course covers everything from drawing basic shapes to creating interactive animations and is the ideal course for anyone who wants to start building native HTML5 Canvas applications immediately. You should have a working knowledge of HTML & CSS basics. Knowledge of Javascript and/or jQuery fundamentals would be an advantage but not essential.

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Course Outline


    • The canvas tag
    • Fallback content
    • Concepts
    • API syntax primer
    • The rendering context
    • Testing and checking for support
    • Canvas template

    Lines, strokes and rectangles
    • Examining a basic draw template
    • Beginning and ending paths
    • Picking up the pen
    • Drawing straight lines
    • Changing stroke weight and colour
    • Using line caps and mitres
    • Rectangles
    • Clearing the Canvas area
    • Using RGBA and global alpha

    Other shapes
    • Creating ovals
    • Creating triangles
    • Calculating more complex shapes
    • Bezier and quadratic curves
    • Drawing text

    Re-usable code
    • Object orientation
    • Syntax
    • Properties
    • Providing methods using prototypes
    • Creating a grid drawing aid
    • Building re-usable shapes

    Drawing images
    • Using images on the same page
    • Using images on other domains
    • Using content from another canvas
    • Creating an image from scratch
    • Drawing the image
    • Scaling the image
    • Slicing the image

    Questions and answers

    Colours and fills
    • Colour names
    • Hexadecimal colours
    • Controlling alpha with RGBA and global alpha
    • Creating gradients - linear, radial and custom
    • Creating and applying patterns
    • Creating shadows

    • Saving and restoring states
    • Translations
    • Rotating
    • Scaling
    • Skewing
    • Flipping

    • Combining and punching shapes
    • Exploring the many global
    Composite Operations
    • Using Clipping Paths and masking

    Creating animations
    • Clear, save, draw, restore
    • Controlling an animation
    • Defining parameters and conditioners
    • Creating a screen wrap or ticker animation
    • Animation workshop

    Layering techniques
    • Using multiple Canvases
    • Positioning
    • Managing layers

    • Building a project or game using jQuery and the Canvas API
    • Listening and reacting to keyboard events
    • Binding to Mouse events

    Related topics and APIs
    • Drawing video onto the Canvas
    • Animating Canvas video content
    • Re-skinning video controls
    • Local storage
    • HTML Canvas libraries

    Questions and answers
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